Shasta-Trinity National Forest, California

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Shasta Trinity, California

Project Type

We will be planting native Ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine, Incense cedar, and Douglas fir

Project Verification

Project verification coming soon. 

See our project assurance standards here.

Environmental Benefits

- Local reforestation

- Carbon sequester 

- Alleviate climate change

- Habitat conservation

- Improve local water quality

- Soil retention 

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About Shasta-Trinity, California

The Shasta–Trinity National Forests are federally designated forests in northern California, United States. Combined, they are the largest National Forest in California at 2,210,485 acres.

The Shasta–Trinity National Forests offer a wide range of recreational activities. Some of these include hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, camping, boating, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, downhill skiing and riding, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.

Hit by numerous forest fires in just this year alone, The Carbon Offset Company wants to restore the beauty of our forests in Northern California and bring back the recreational spirit of the area.


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