Plumas National Forest, California

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Plumas National Forest, California

Project Type

Redwood and Sugar Pine restoration and reforestation

Environmental Benefits

-Carbon sequester 

-Alleviate climate change

-Habitat conservation

-Improve local water quality

-Soil retention 

Project Verification

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About Plumas National Forest,


Plumas National Forest is a 1,146,000-acre (4,638 km2) United States National Forest located at the northern terminus of the Sierra Nevada, in northern California. The Forest was named after its primary watershed, the Rio de las Plumas, or Feather River. 

The Moonlight Fire Area Restoration Project is restoring approximately 12,703 acres in the Moonlight Fire area and is located on National Forest System lands on the Plumas National Forest (PNF), Mt. Hough Ranger District. In 2007, the Moonlight Fire burned 65,000 acres of the Plumas National Forest, 37,000 of which burned at stand-replacing high severity converting forests dominated by long-lived conifers to shrublands dominated by montane chaparral species. The Moonlight Fire Area Restoration Project will complete watershed and forest health restoration activities in areas where the high severity fire occurred. Some of the Moonlight Fire Area reburned in the  2019 Walker Fire, which has added restoration units that are immediate priorities.


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