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eco-friendly dealership!

Santa Fe Kia

I support our local 

How can you join the eco-friendly journey?



Santa Fe Kia

and helped them plant

15 Trees

to offset one year of emissions!

I purchased a vehicle from

*An average vehicle emits 

10,141.3 lbs of carbon per year...

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So they plant 

15 Trees

Because it offsets

10,170 lbs of carbon!

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This not only helps our environment, it also helps to:

  • provide needed employment

  • improves water and soil quality

  • helps fight extreme poverty

  • and provides a home for animals which helps our Earth's biodiversity. 

Where the trees are planted.

Planting efforts span the globe, as this is a global issue. They plant close to home for obvious reasons, but they also like planting in areas further away because of the high social benefits it provides to the communities there. By including far away areas like Senegal, Haiti, Madagascar, and Mozambique they provide much needed employment, and reforestation to a region that desperately needs it.

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Quick Facts

The average tree sequesters (removes) 679 lbs of carbon.

On average 15 trees offsets a years worth of driving. 

The average annual income for the regions foreign projects support is only $6,073 / year.

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Santa Fe Kia

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