Wakulla State Forest, Florida

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Wakulla State Forest

Project Type

Restoration and reforestation of longleaf pine trees. 87,000 longleaf pine trees will be planted. This project will have the benefit of restoring habitat for (federally endangered) gopher tortoises and other native wildlife species found on the site. Additionally, the initiative will support the recreation program on the state forest, which includes hiking, cycling, horseback riding, nature study, etc.

Environmental Benefits

- Carbon sequester 

- Alleviate climate change

- Habitat conservation

- Improve local water quality

- Soil retention 

Project Verification

See our project assurance standards here.

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About Florida State Forests

Florida is home to 37 state forests, covering over 1,070,000 acres. Healthy forests provide citizens with sustainable wood production, fresh air, wildlife habitat, clean water, enjoyable outdoor recreation, and quality of life. Yet in recent years, unhealthy forests have been major contributors to Florida's disastrous wildfires and unprecedented outbreaks of southern pine beetles. The region is frequently hit by strong storms and hurricanes, contributing severe, long-term damage to forest resources.

Florida state forests provide habitat to a wide variety of wildlife. Endangered species that inhabit Florida's forests and wetlands include the Florida panther, the American alligator and American crocodile, sea turtles and manatees. Habitat loss and degradation is a major threat to the survival of these species.   

The majority of Florida's endangered species live in wetlands, which play a key role in the health of our environment. Many of Florida’s wetlands have been altered by human activities, changing their hydrological function and threatening the natural communities that rely on them. 

Longleaf pine ecosystems are another vital part of Florida's natural environment, supporting rare animal species like red-cockaded woodpeckers and gopher tortoises. Longleaf pine forests and savannas have been drastically reduced from an estimated 90 million acres to less than 3 million acres, largely due to urbanization and over-utilization. Your support will help our amazing reforestation partners to replant and restore these important ecological areas.  

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