Gianyar is rated as one of the top 3 plastic leakage regions in Bali (5,000 – 8,406 m3 /year). The region continues to be serviced by a small and mainly informal sector of poorly managed providers. Our ambition is to build an effective collection system that provides decent jobs and aspiring career opportunities and one that showcases and exemplifies material management, recycling, composting, and clear organizational processes that reduce waste to landfill and reduce plastic leakage into the environment.

To increase recycling rates and reduce operating costs, the project/partnership is actively working with 20 partnering villages to enforce separation at source and provide incentives to deliver already pre-sorted and separated materials to the existing material recovery facilities and landfill. Additionally, the daily sorting and weighing capacity at Temesi Landfill´s adjoined waste bank will be increased by means of using technological innovation that can help separate organics and non-organics before the final processing for recycling is done by hand.

The current organic material processing is through a composting method and the preparation of materials for mechanical recycling is done by hand and with reliable and calibrated weighing equipment.

Materials are tracked and monitored in 4 stages:
1. Village level facility weighing and reporting of daily materials
2. Regional landfill level camera and Ai supported count of daily trucks and volume of trucks arriving at the landfill
3. Regional Landfill sorting, weighing, cleaning, and preparing of materials for recycling
4. Regional level accounting of materials sold to recycling and sold for composting.

The project implementation is being driven by a group of young Indonesian change-makers that are designing workshops, holding government and village meetings, developing village profiles for every village, designing material recovery facilities for villages, working on material flow calculations, developing checks and balances to consistently improve monitoring and evaluations. It is the project and partnership ambition to continue to develop local capacity and to hand over the operations of 20 village material recovery facilities within the next 5 years.


Key milestones that have been achieved since 2019:
1. Proof of concept village-scale MRF
2. Establish quality control and monitoring and operations SOPs
3. Negotiate MOU´s with government and partnering villages
4. Proof of concept regional scale AI Waste to Landfill camera
5.Build core team capacity

Milestones to be achieved by 2025:

1. Grow team capacity in 2021
2. Build and operate up to 5 more material recovery facilities every year (Government Spending)
3. Consistently improve monitoring and evaluation framework and create positive and negative feedback loops within the regional and village governments by means of technology, smart media, user friendly experiences
4. Increase recycling ratios by 30% every year
5. Decrease waste to landfill by 10% every year (50% decrease in 5 years)


The main mission of Bumi Sasmaya Foundation is to empower Bali communities to be self-reliant in seeking for sustainable solutions toward a better living environment. Our main effort is to build and sustain material recovery facilities and reduce waste to landfill and plastic pollution in the region of Gianyar, Bali.



Gianyar, Bali / Indonesia


Collection / Sorting

Plastics / Paper / Beverage carton / Glass / Metals / Tyres / E-Waste / Other


Tons Per Year: 15671

USD 440/t


Development Goals