Casa Partida, Mozambique



Casa Partida, Mozambique

Project Type

Mangrove reforestation

Environmental Benefits

-Carbon sequester 

-Alleviate climate change

-Habitat conservation

-Improve local water quality

-Soil retention 

Project Verification

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About Casa Partida

The Casa Partida site comprises 854 hectares along southern Mozambique’s coastline. Artisanal fishing and subsistence farming are common among local communities, highly dependent on healthy mangrove forests. Deforestation in this region is a result of resource poverty, where mangroves are used to produce energy in the form of charcoal and as timber for the construction of new homes. Large scale mangrove deforestation is directly linked to insufficient fisheries and food scarcity in the long term. The restoration of this mangrove forest has the potential to increase wild fisheries, through erosion control, habitat protection, and safeguarding coral reefs.

Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) hires the local people to reforest their region by planting over 8.5 million mangrove trees. Through Eden Mozambique’s Employ-to-Plant methodology, the local community will be paid to restore and protect the environment, stimulating economic growth, breaking the cycle of poverty, and empowering the community.

Site Name: Casa Partida (Savane)
Local Population: 100 families
Type of Reforestation: Mangrove
Overall Site Size: 854 Hectares
Number of Trees per Hectare: 10,000
Total Planting Capacity: 8,540,000
Land Ownership: Government-owned, community managed
Year 1 Planting Commitment: 100,000-500,000

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