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for $8 / month

Here's an easy option to autopilot your carbon offset. Even if we're conscious, we all have a footprint. This package offsets your monthly driving, eating, shopping, phone use and household energy use. 9 trees will be planted in your name making you carbon negative!

Why trees? 

Tree planting reaches far beyond carbon reduction. They provide homes for wildlife, and in areas like Madagascar, the crab and fish populations provide additional food sources and income for the locals. In addition to the environmental benefits, we employ people from local communities. This extends our impact far beyond environmentalism. These are the building blocks of a long lasting and sustainable restoration project.

We recognize that there are lots of ways to offset carbon, but are confident that our tree planting initiatives provide the most meaningful, holistic and verified impact on our Earth. They are also one of the most cost effective options available because of our focus on Mangroves (see photo).

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