Clean Cooks Partners with The Carbon Offset Company

Clean Cooks - a local food pickup service designed by Dr. Katie Drake Sherer and Melessia Jones, with a goal to provide clean, healthy freezer meals to local families - is partnering with The Carbon Offset Company to plant trees for each meal sold. With The Carbon Offset Company, Clean Cooks is able to offset carbon emissions from food production and the delivery of their meals. Since launching our partnership, Clean Cooks has planted 400 trees!

“I’m so glad we decided to team up with The Carbon Offset Company! By placing an order through our web, each bundle sold will plant trees! Our business is all about clean eating and what damage we’re doing to our bodies by not using clean ingredients, so it was a no brainer when it came to collaborating with a company that’s worried about what damage we’re doing to our planet! I can’t wait to see where these great guys take this new endeavor!” – Melessia Jones, Clean Cooks “The Carbon Offset Company is thrilled to be partnered with Clean Cooks and support their mission of helping people eat clean. It’s this type of action and commitment that will ultimately reverse the climate crisis.” – Anthony Meshnick, The Carbon Offset Company

About Clean Cooks Clean Cooks knows how hard it is to stay on a clean eating plan while being ripped in 1,000 different directions by work, family, friends, etc. Clean Cooks makes it easy for you to provide clean healthy meals for you and your family every day of the week. Shipping throughout the US is coming soon, you can enquire about current shipping options and learn more about Clean Cooks here.

About The Carbon Offset Company The Carbon Offset Company is working to reverse climate change and save our environment. We offer options for both businesses and individuals. For businesses: We work with companies to help them add eco-friendly to their brand image. We help companies come up with a creative and unique solution to incorporate tree planting in their business model on an ongoing basis. We provide you with marketing material for your website / social media, and you’ll be supporting our trusted and thoroughly vetted tree planting partners. Additionally, we work with companies to help them purchase certified carbon credits, accredited from certifying bodies such as VCS, CCB, Gold Standard, and ACR. We provide a custom consultation to learn what is most important to your organization in regards to additionality, permanence, social impact etc. and provide you with a custom portfolio of carbon credit projects to support. Sign up for your consultation here. For individuals: On average, it takes 9 trees to offset the average American’s monthly carbon footprint. For $8 / month, we will plant 9 trees in your name and provide you with a certificate of planting – you can start planting by signing up here. Learn more about the math behind our individual carbon offset here.

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