Living Sustainably

Making a Change

Our lives move at an incredibly fast pace. We put a lot on our plate daily to accomplish our goals and challenge ourselves. With everything else going on around us, it can be easy to forget how our actions impact the world around us. The health of the world is declining by the human hand. Check out The Carbon Offset Company’s blog on carbon emitting sectors to learn more about human impact on the Earth.

Making a change in your daily life to be sustainable sounds like a disruptor for most people. According to this article, one of the main reasons people do not live a more sustainable life is because they do not have enough time. As mentioned above, people run their life on a specific schedule to fit everything into one day. If people barely have time for sleep, how can they have time to be sustainable?

The same article states that people feel as though they cannot make a change. There have been times I felt it was hopeless to take daily sustainable actions when there are larger issues in the world that are out of my control, such as deforestation and farming. However, our “small” actions have massive impact that you might not even necessarily see but is most definitely there. If everyone took daily small actions, those actions would equate to big change.

Simple Ways to Live Sustainably

I think many of us know the basic ways to live sustainably, some of which include: recycle, compost, turn off the lights, etc. Those ideas have been pushed on you since you were little. Below is a list of items that are simple, and not at all time consuming, but different than what you may be used to hearing. The following ideas are provided from an article with over 100 ideas on how to live sustainably. Click the link to learn more ideas.

1. Put on an extra layer of clothes

For those of you reading from the Midwest, you understand how dreadful it gets when we are stuck in the frigid winter months. As I’m writing this on October 22nd, we’ve already gotten nearly 7 inches of snow this year. The thought of turning your heat up to 90 degrees to feel like you are in Florida may sound appealing, but your house will emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Not only will you be warming your house, but you will also be warming the Earth. Adding an extra layer of socks, brewing a cup of hot chocolate, and warming up in a blanket will warm you up without warming up the Earth also.

2. Natural light

Using electricity to light your house is much better than sitting by candlelight. However, leaving your lights on all day and night is not good for the planet. The use of energy and electricity emits carbon dioxide. When you leave your lights on all day and night, your emissions will be much higher. Instead of relying on your electricity, open some windows and use the sun as a lightbulb.

When you need to have lights on, use LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting. LED lighting and CFL bulbs are proven to last longer and use less energy. Above is an example of what a CFL bulb looks like. You can find them at Target, Walmart, or any department or hardware store.

3. Use a shower timer

Sometimes it is hard to get out of the blasting heat of the shower, or it may be your down time from a long day. Heating water and taking long, hot showers emits carbon dioxide. Instead of getting caught up in your showers, invest in a waterproof shower timer. It beeps when it is time for you to get out, and will prevent you from taking too long of showers.

4. Clothes

Fast fashion is a dangerous new concept in which consumers purchase clothes that are trending, wear them once or twice while they’re in style, and ditch them for the new styles. From the consumer end and the production end, fast fashion hurts the health of the earth dramatically. Thrifting is a sustainable and affordable way to shop. When you thrift, clothes are essentially being reused. They do not go to waste as they would without thrift stores. Plus, when is the last time you hit up your local Goodwill or Savers? You can find some pretty awesome outfits that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

If you need a clothing item you know you cannot thrift, shop for brands that you know are ethical and environmentally conscious.

5. Offset your carbon with The Carbon Offset Company

This is likely one of the simplest and most affordable ways you can make a direct difference for the health of the earth. The Carbon Offset Company offers offsetting options for both individuals and businesses.