Pinkie Couture partners with The Carbon Offset Company to plant trees for every haircut

Pinkie Couture, a high end hair salon just south of Kansas City, Kansas, has partnered with The Carbon Offset Company to plant trees for every haircut given. Pinkie Couture uses the utmost craftsmanship and artistry to create custom-designed styles for each individual, whether fashionable or fancy-free. Professionals, fashionistas, rock stars, soccer moms, and children alike all come to Pinkie to find their own unique style. Rather than simply asking how you want your hair to be cut, James Pillatzke, the founder and owner of Pinkie Couture, starts each appointment by asking his clients about their high level style/fashion goals. With this approach, James works with his clients to come up with a unique style/look that you won’t find anywhere else. We highly recommend checking out Pinkie Couture for your next haircut – you won’t be disappointed! As of October 1st, 2020, Pinkie Couture has planted 1,020 trees with The Carbon Offset Company. Thank you for your partnership, Pinkie Couture! We couldn’t do it without you!

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