Tom's Ford Partners with The Carbon Offset Company

The Carbon Offset Company is proud to announce that Tom’s Ford is committed to planting 15 trees for each new and used vehicle sold, offsetting the first year emissions of that vehicle.

“We the team at Tom’s Ford pride ourselves on improving the human experience and our planet simultaneously. Our partnership with The Carbon Offset Company is deeply in alignment with our beliefs and values. Our collective initiative of planting 15 trees for every vehicle sold will create more value in each transaction while helping make Earth healthier and more beautiful” – Larry Doremus, General Manager, Tom’s Ford

"Larry and his team have a great understanding of the fact that actions compound and that we are all in this together as inhabitants of Earth. We commend them for taking action to make the world a better place with every vehicle they sell and we are excited to see the impact they make!” – Matthew Kallstrom, Co-Founder of The Carbon Offset Company

About Tom’s Ford The first, and most important thing that makes Tom’s different – The People. Our mantra is "Humanity Comes Standard". That means that we focus on treating each other and our customers like real humans with real stories. Our team is a collective of dedicated, proud humans who go above and beyond for anyone who steps through our doors. We weren’t all “car people” when we started here. We were just people – real honest people looking for a place with others like us. We pride ourselves in being the outliers in this amazing business that’s unfortunately been given a bad rep. We love to be a part of our local community, supporting and giving back to it where we’re able to.

Our mission is to innovate every day to find new ways to improve the customer experience. A few innovations unique to Tom's Ford are "Virtual Rooms" and "Virtual Test Drives" where we come directly to you on your terms. You can video chat with a member of our team regardless of whether you have an Apple or Android phone. Let's not forget that we find ways to make the experience fun and enjoyable. Our staff has personality, and spunk, and we’re not afraid to show it off on our social platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Make sure you give us a follow @tomsford to see what we’re talking about!

With new years come new ideas, new cars, and new faces. We hope that if you haven’t already become a part of our Tom’s Ford family, this year you can give us a chance to show you the reason why so many others have.

To learn more about our inventory and outstanding services, feel free to speak with a member of our friendly sales staff today by calling 732-709-1133. About The Carbon Offset Company The Carbon Offset Company is working to reverse climate change and save our environment. We offer options for both businesses and individuals. For businesses: We work with companies to help them add eco-friendly to their brand image. We help companies come up with a creative and unique solution to incorporate tree planting in their business model on an ongoing basis. We provide you with marketing material for your website / social media, and you’ll be supporting our trusted and thoroughly vetted tree planting partners. Additionally, we work with companies to help them purchase certified carbon credits, accredited from certifying bodies such as VCS, CCB, Gold Standard, and ACR. We provide a custom consultation to learn what is most important to your organization in regards to additionality, permanence, social impact etc. and provide you with a custom portfolio of carbon credit projects. Sign up for your consultation here. For individuals: On average, it takes 9 trees to offset the average American’s monthly carbon footprint. For $8 / month, we will plant 9 trees in your name and provide you with a certificate of planting – you can start planting by signing up here. Learn more about the math behind our individual carbon offset here.