Who We Are

By: Erin Smith

The Carbon Offset Company

We are a company focused on one simple goal: make the world a better place. We encourage and provide a way for people, businesses, and organizations to offset their carbon emissions by planting trees with us. Planting trees is our mission because it eliminates carbon emissions, encourages natural environmental growth, provides job opportunities for local people, and makes the world a more beautiful place.

Why trees?

Tree planting initiatives provide the most meaningful, holistic, and verified impact on our Earth.

Specifically, mangrove trees in Madagascar are the most common type of trees we plant. We love mangroves because they are the best in the forest when it comes to absorbing carbon. In fact, a mangrove can sequester up to 4x the amount of carbon as other types of trees. In areas like Madagascar, mangroves also help the crab and fish populations which provides food sources and income for the locals.

Additionally, we employ the locals in need of employment to do the tree planting. This extends our impact far beyond environmentalism. These are the building blocks of a long lasting and sustainable restoration project.

Check out our homepage to learn more, and we hope that you join us for this incredible journey.