Project TIST

Project TIST

TIST Farmers respond effectively to the climate change challenge.


TIST encourages Small Groups of subsistence farmers to improve their local environment and farms by planting and maintaining trees on degraded and/or unused land.


Over 100,000 farmers in 4 countries have successfully planted more than 20,000,000 trees and captured over 5,500,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide to date.


As the trees grow, carbon captured is quantified and verified and certified greenhouse gas credits are sold in the global carbon market.


TIST Farmers receive annual carbon pre-payments for each tree established and

70% of the net profit when credits are sold.


Smallholder farmers also derive significant non-carbon related benefits verified to exceed $8 per tree. Trees provide fruit, fodder, fuel, windbreaks, shade and stabilize riverbanks plus participants have access to health information and training and safe cooking stoves.


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