Our Tree Planting Standards

All tree planting projects supported by The Carbon Offset Company are held to the highest industry standards.



Accurate, quantified, and monitored carbon reductions are required for our tree planting projects.



Permanence is commonly referred to as the useful life of a project in reducing carbon emissions. We work with tree planting partners that create long lasting relationships with both government and land owners to ensure the trees will not be logged and will continue to sequester carbon into perpetuity. 


Organizational Transformation

The Carbon Offset Company aims to cost effectively transform companies, governmental entities, and any other kind of organization and people into eco-friendly versions of themselves. We are flexible in our approach to ensure your organization and family can cost-effectively become a leader in creating global climate improvements. For businesses specifically, The Carbon Offset Company's goal is to help you profitably contribute through marketing and re-branding assistance. Find out more here.  


Social Benefits


Project Location

The battle against climate change is a global effort. The Carbon Offset Company currently supports projects both in the United States and internationally. 


Environmental Benefits

Of course our projects help the environment, but you'd be surprised by how much and in how many areas. In addition to carbon sequestration, many projects provide a range of additional ecosystem services that enhance biodiversity, preserve natural habitats, control erosion, reduce localized air and water pollution, and more.  

The Carbon Offset Company supports projects that not only benefit the environment but also improve the socio-economic conditions by creating jobs and opportunities conducive to trade and development of the community as a whole.