What is The Carbon Offset Company?

The Carbon Offset Company helps businesses and people offset their carbon footprints. We offer consultation to our network of certified carbon credits and offer a way for business and organizations to give back in a way that is smart for their business through 3rd party verified tree planting projects and help from our marketing experts to incorporate it into your business model. Whether you're looking for certified carbon credits, a business looking to increase sales, or an individual looking to live with a clear conscience - join us in our journey to help the planet!

How do you calculate carbon emissions?

The Carbon Offset Company utilizes global standards for calculating carbon emissions for our business partners. For offsetting individuals, we go by the average of carbon output of United States of America citizens.

What is the calculation behind individual offsets?

The Carbon Offset Company uses transparent, highly authenticated sources in our carbon offset calculations. For individual offsets, we use the calculations of the average American Citizen based on the research found by ourworldindata.org. This is used to assume an average emission amount of 16.2 tonnes annually or 35,714.9 lbs, equalling 2,976.2 lbs monthly. We then take that and offset it using the data provided by rosian.org., which finds the average offset amount / tree being 679.7 lbs. Breaking down 2,976.2 / 679.7 leads us to have to plant 4.38 trees monthly / monthly subscription and 52.56 trees annually / annual subscription which we round up to 5 and 60 trees respectively, for good measure. Help contribute and sign up here!

What is the calculation behind company offsets?

The Carbon Offset Company calculates our partners' carbon footprint using a standardized questionnaire concerning employee counts, energy usage, transportation usage (including shipping), and events. Sign up for a consultation here if you're simply looking to add tree planting into your business model, or sign up for a consultation here if you're looking for certified carbon credits.

How does my company get involved?

The Carbon Offset Partnership Program is a flexible way for your company to give back in a way that's smart for your business. Whether that means going through a consultation to offset your company's carbon footprint in its entirety, finding a way to contribute on a per sale / service basis, or another creative way, your company can capitalize on a growing market of eco-friendly buyers and give back profitably. Sign up for a consultation here to add tree planting into your business model. Or sign up for a consultation here if you're looking for certified carbon credits.

Does The Carbon Offset Company do the planting?

The Carbon Offset Company does not currently plant our own trees but rather supports our 3rd-party verified partners projects. Find out more about our tree planting project assurance standards here. Find out about our certified carbon credit project standards here. However, we are coordinating our own planting site in California for summer of 2021. Contribute to our efforts through various volunteering opportunites, sponsorship, donation and more here.

How do I know trees are getting planted?

Our projects are 3rd party verified and the highest of impact possible. Please see our project quality assurance standards here. On top of planting through a network of verified projects, The Carbon Offset Company is setting up planting projects throughout the United States as well, where we will do the actual planting.

What's the difference between tree planting projects and certified carbon credits?

Although our tree planting projects are 3rd party verified, they do not allow the ability to receive carbon credits through them. This allows a more cost effective way of adding tree planting into your business model or personal offset goal. Certified carbon credits are most oftenly geared towards large organizations trying to meet carbon emission regulation standards. They are also used by large organizations with the intention of retiring certified carbon credits. Certified carbon credits can be tree planting projects, but can also be forest conservation, cook stove, hydroelectric, wind farm projects and more! Unless you are familiar with certified carbon credits before coming onto our website and specifically have a need for them, we recommend supporting our tree planting projects.

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