Fatick, Senegal

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Fatick, Senegal

Project Type

Papaya, Mango, and Mangrove restoration and reforestation

- Carbon sequester 

- Alleviate climate change

- Habitat conservation

- Improve local water quality

- Soil retention 

Environmental Benefits

Community Benefits

- Income and employment 

- Increased crop yield

- Stabilized economies 

- Reduced "at risk" slavery 

Project Verification

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About Fatick, Senegal

Fatick, Senegal is known for its diversity, for its culture and for agriculture. The region abuts the Saloum Delta, which is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site and home to incredible amounts of biodiverse flora and fauna. But it’s also known for its poverty, as the majority of Senegalese families in rural farming communities are living on less than $1 a day. It’s currently ranked as the second poorest region in Senegal.

90% of the population is dependent on agriculture, but decades of unsustainable practices and worsening weather patterns brought on by a changing climate have made agriculture a challenging profession.

The industry that should be supporting the region’s health and prosperity is responsible for startlingly high rates of hunger and poverty, leaving farmers facing a challenging road to success, or even survival. 

But our regenerative agroforestry projects aim to improve agriculture and the food system in Fatick and help farming communities find success and stability on their land. 

This project trains farmers in what is called the Forest Garden Approach, a strategy that combines agroforestry and permagardening to protect and revitalize degraded land, diversify crops to eat and sell, and optimize space, all for the benefit of the farmer, their family, and the environment. 


Year 1, 2019


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